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Salted Soured Pickled Rye


It started off as a friendly trade. Pickles for bread: a barter between Carissa and “Randy the pickle guy,” with whom she shared a neighboring stand at a farmer’s market in Southampton nearly a decade ago. So, she began experimenting with rye grown and milled at a nearby farm, to which she added a rye sourdough starter cultivated by a fisherman friend. Carissa combined North Fork pickles and rye flour to conceive what’s become her most beloved bread. One that bears a soft chestnut hue suggestive of its wholesomeness, with a symphony of brown, malty flavors coaxed out from its 20-year-old starter and 36-hour ferment and capped with a toasted caraway crust to further accentuate its complexity.

While this distinct bread can easily stand on its own toasted and spread with butter or olive oil, try it as an open-faced tartine, with soft feta cheese, smashed avocado, and an egg. 

Each order includes two loaves, shipped overnight via UPS for Tuesday & Friday deliveries, now through Christmas. We will not be shipping on Thanksgiving. 

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